Masonry Services and Stonework Restoration in Eastbourne | The Benefits of Natural Stone Worktops

If your kitchen in Eastbourne is beginning to look tired, then it may be time to contact a professional team for a brand-new worktop. Our experienced stonemasons supply a range of stone materials known for their strength in adversity and can suggest the most appropriate style for your renovation or refurbishment project. Tilleys Stonemasons Ltd performs specialist masonry services for customers in Sussex, ensuring the finest craftsmanship for beautiful results.

Passionate about stonework restoration and bespoke stonework products, our team aims to exceed your expectations wherever possible. We also supply elegant memorial headstones to customers in the Eastbourne area, allowing you to honour the departed with the utmost respect. Please get in touch with our friendly stonemasons to arrange for a free quotation.

Below we discuss some of the benefits of our more popular natural stone materials.

Resistance to Heat and Scrapes

When it comes to heat resistance, granite is the undisputed champion. Created from a combination of heat and pressure, granite proves ideal for kitchen work surfaces. Marble and quartz are also highly resistant, with quartz edging out the competition in terms of overall durability. Customers in Eastbourne rely on our stonemasons to supply and install these materials with an elegant finish, working to customer needs with a friendly approach.

We tailor our masonry services and memorial headstones to your needs, undertaking stonework restoration work for a diverse client list.

A Touch of Class

With detailed veining and texturing, natural stone delivers a unique appearance to every worktop. Homeowners in Eastbourne often choose natural stone for this very reason – enjoying a renewed cooking space with a timeless appeal. Not only are the likes of granite and marble suitable for contemporary kitchen styles, but they also complement the rustic appearance of traditional homes and cosy cottages alike.

At Tilleys Stonemasons Ltd, we offer a range of masonry services, memorial headstones, fireplaces and bathroom vanity units. Our craftsmen welcome fully bespoke stonework projects from local homeowners, liaising with churches and the relevant authorities without issue.

Simple to Maintain

Natural stone is every bit as easy to clean as laminates, steel and glass. In fact, the strength of the stone ensures that the surface remains protected, making it a difficult area for bacteria to thrive. Granite and marble worktops, in particular, are forged by natural means and are easily wiped down when spills occur. Our team can walk you through the benefits of each material for your satisfaction, providing clear advice on the maintenance of your kitchen surfaces.

Serving the Eastbourne area, Tilleys Stonemasons Ltd is fully dedicated to your project. We offer bespoke stonework in the design of your choice and deliver everything from memorial headstones to fireplaces and bathroom units. Our experts perform stonework restoration and masonry services throughout Eastbourne, extending their reach throughout the Sussex region.

Please call our stonemasons on 01273 555882 or 0800 783 0464. We provide stonework restoration and bespoke stonework to customers in the Eastbourne area.